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Screen Enclosures have many benefits...

Benefit 1:  Safety, Screen enclosures form an added barrier in case a small child wondered into your yard and heaven forbid headed for your pool. The door knobs height is out of reach for small children and that is a real blessing.

Benefit 2:  A screen enclosure will eliminate disease carrying mosquitos as well as other unwanted bugs. It also helps to eliminate rodents and snakes from getting into your porch area or pool. As you can see snakes can end up in your pool skimmer so always use precaution when opening.


Benefit 3:  If you have a pool enclosure you have many benefits. For one you will use less chemicals for the pool and with the screens protection the pool will stay much cleaner. No more leaves, grass, and bugs to clean out each week.


Benefit 4:  It won't matter if you are swimming or outside reading a book you can greatly reduce the damaging sun’s rays by making sure you our protected by the screen. All screens have UV protection and there are some that can block out 90% of these damaging rays.


Benefit 5:  When you screen in a patio or pool you gain square footage. That means you have more space to entertain. With a screen enclosure, you can enjoy the outdoors without being attacked by bugs and other nuisances. That means at night you can enjoy good friends and good conversation in peace. Once you start using your additional space you will think of new ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Dinner parties or BBQ's out by the pool will become memorable experiences.

Benefit 6:  Installing a screen enclosure will add value to your home as well.

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