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It's Florida, protect your vehicle from the sun with a La Rocca Carport. 


Here are the many benefits to having a Carport.



When you’re parking your car under a tree or just plain out in the open, rain, snow, ice, and the normal heat and light of the sun can cause extensive damage to your car over time. The best thing to do is to park it under a carport or garage. This will largely reduce the amount of weather your car experiences, at least while it’s parked at home.


Personal Safety

If you’re parking your car late at night, we’ve all felt the fear of the dark in those brief moments stepping out of your car. With a carport, especially if you close in the sides, you’ve got some added protection you will find comforting.


Carports are not just for storing cars. Many of our customers use their carports to store things like RV’s, trucks, motorcycles, product, and much more. The Carport is meant to make your life easier in more ways than just protecting your car!

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